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Last night, my relationship with my body changed. I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with it for my whole life and something about our healing group last night clicked. I went to bed asking, what do you want, yes I spoke to my body. I’ve had chronic pain for decades and just stopped fighting it. I woke happy. Early without an alarm. Went to a dance class and just allowed myself to move, not trying to look good or even do the moves well. It came easier, much more fun and I didn’t even tire. I cannot wait for the workshop on June 14. I have had numerous other experiences since working with you including money manifested, health, peace in my home, more patience and joy with my kids, etc. thanks Jesse, Jewel and Jovan. Blessings!
Pamela P.

When I started learning how to breathe, I started to live. I connect with my body in a way that reminds me that I AM . After each session and in a day to day routine, I use the techniques, newly released energy and connection I made with myself into dark, challenging and joyful moments of life and makes me enjoy them all. Healing is in the breath ! The three J’s got it nailed !!

Danielle G.

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